BBQ/Barbecue Grill – The Best Food For An Outdoor Picnic

A BBQ / Barbecue Grill is one of the most obvious items on the checklist when preparing for a picnic or even a dinner in the backyard. The men sure do like to show off their skills in cooking with this equipment. They are also happy to take care of the grill cleaning after dinner. Such is the magic of the grill. They tend to bring out the best in the men. This is quite a feat considering.

A barbecue grill is a type of a device that applies heat from beneath to cook food. There are many varieties of such grills. They are either gas-fuelled or charcoal. These grills have a history that has preceded the colonial times. They are were originally meant to cook hogs slow cook) however, variations and advancement in cooking styles have made improvements.

The gas grills utilise propane or natural gas as fuel. The equipment either heat the food directly or hear the grills that in turn cook the food with the help of radiated heat. The size of the grills depends on the scale of cooking. They come in small, single stake or large ones that can cook for armies. These grills are flexible enough to convert one gas source to another in the case of emergencies. Such flexibility comes in very handy especially when you are far away in the woods and have run out of fuel.

Flattop Grill is gaining popularity today. There is no exposure to open flame. This could help in avoiding a forest fire. Infrared cooking grills save time by directly heating the food. The food on this grill also is presumed to taste better because the food is not completely dehydrated and remains juicy. Instant ignition, uniform heat source and better control of the heat make people prefer these infrared grills.

Charcoal grills use all natural lump charcoals or the charcoal briquettes as their source for fuel. Embers radiate the heat that is required for cooking the food. Men who are a big fan of grilling the food themselves prefer this equipment. Smoky aromatic foods and high heat production are some of the advantages of this device.

When it comes to cost, the brazier grill seems to be the preference. This is made up of wire and sheet metal. There is a cooking grid that is placed over the charcoal pan. Legs support the grill and are attached to the pan. Summer is the peak time for these cooking devices. Do visit to check out your options. You will not be disappointed.

The kettle grill is the famous and classic American grill. It is one of the most commercially viable and successful grills today. it is made up of a lid, charcoal grid, cooking grid, a lower chamber, and a venting system. The legs hold the device up. It looks very elegant and can cook a good decent meal.

Electric grills are also available and they are both indoor as well as outdoor.

Improvement in technology has led to the invention of hybrid outdoor grills that can use both natural gas and charcoal or even liquid propane. The flexibility makes it a very good option for many. The different techniques of the wood grill and charcoal are applied. The portability of many grills and the fact that they not very heavy to move around makes the deciding factor. Easy portability comes with the ability to be foldable or collapsible. Some come with a carry case.

There are a variety of best outdoor grills to pick from. They have a big list of advantages. The various features that are available will convert a non-foodie into a foodie as well as a cook.

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