Binoculars – For A Clear Picture

A good pair of binoculars is an absolute necessity at a horse race. This enhances the whole thrill and fun of watching a race. You cannot and should not leave home without one if you are looking for a good time at the horse racing stadium.

Not every pair can be used for just about any event. The binoculars that you would take when you go sightseeing are different from those you would need for bird-watching. What makes a good pair for horse racing? Can you buy camping binoculars for the race? Let’s find out.

* As clichéd at it might sound, size does matter. Transporting the pair of Binoculars should not be a pain. Compact ones might have their disadvantages never the less. It might be better to get the bigger ones to have a clearer sight of the horse that you are betting on. The objective lenses vary with the size hence.

* The design and the style of the pair make a difference too. Two main designs are Roof Prism and Porro Prism. Whilst it cannot be said which design is better amongst the two, the final decision comes down to the personal preference of the user, keeping in mind the purpose.

* The field of view is as important as the magnification. While you can focus on one point, you might end up missing the bigger picture. In a race, you will need to know where your horse stands. You would want to keep the other horses also in view and not just yours. In this case, the field of view could take priority over magnification.

* For people who wear glasses, eye relief is vital. Else using the pair might be a literal pain. The distance between the eyes and the ocular lenses vary with and without a pair of spectacles. Adjustable eyecups aid in changing the distance and the user is just as comfortable.

My favorite horse racing binoculars are one which is mid-sized and comfortable to use. Go to to pick the best pair of binoculars and stay focused.

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