Oculus Touch – The Most Recommended Pc Gaming Headset

The oculus touch has hit the market shelves and it has become the best deal and the most sought after PC gaming headset. The Oculus rift when combined with the oculus touch controls is sure to transport you to a beautiful world of virtual reality.

The oculus rift touch truly gives the user an unbelievable experience of actually being a part of the virtual world that a user is playing with. To be frank without the oculus rift, the touch feature would be infamous and without the touch feature the oculus would be incomplete. Both of them complement each other so well.

Oculus Touch has gained such huge momentum due to its matchless features that makes it really special. With a stylish black body made of plastic it gives the best impression and being wireless offers the best comfort in usage. Its light weight features enables easy handling and a long battery life makes it more reliable. There are a lot of mesmerizing features like easy installation, a number of free games and a feather touch control pad. On top of all this the flexibility and the balancing feature makes it the most preferred and most recommended PC gaming headset.

The Oculus Rift Touch is super special due to the fact that even your iphone can be connected to VR headset! This feature has made people forget about all the other minor drawbacks like its limited streaming, absence of rear censors and USB cables.

The fact that oculus touch is not a part of oculus rift package is also considered to be a major drawback.

All these extra ordinary features elevates the position of Oculus touch from a mere accessory to Oculus rift to a must have option. So the oculus touch with oculus rift becomes an unshakeable supremo in the VR gaming world. With ever up grading technologies and the advent of many VR headsets compatible to be connected with iPhone the world of VR headsets and rifts are sure to see many changes and heights.

VR Headsets for iPhone 6:

The VR Headsets for iPhone 6 plus has a lot of unimaginable features like a wide screen size and HD resin lenses. This also gives a 360° movie viewing experience and

this makes it not just the best gaming headsets but proves to be an overall leader of headsets in the VR world.

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