Recommended List of Affordable Guns of 2016

Guns have proven to be a part of self-defence and has helped in preventing crimes from happening. But there is always a budget and not every gun is affordable to everyone. There are many gun manufacturers who provide gun at an affordable rate, yet you can find it affordable and the options are plenty. DAKKOTA AMMO DOT NETis one such site that offers shooting equipment at affordable and competitive prices.

When we talk about the most affordable guns, it is worth to mention three brands – Glock, Ruger and SIG Sauer. These are the products that are on the top 5 place in the affordable gun category in 2016. While these guns are affordable, they also do not compromise on the quality. Let us look into two such guns that is most desired by many people.

Ruger LC9s review [Single Stack 9mm Pistol]

Ruger LC9s is a single stack 9mm compact hammer fired pistol that is very much suited for concealed carry. The LC9s is an improved version of LC9 in terms of the trigger and design. The LC9s doesn’t have a hammer like the original version and the new striker design makes the shot short, crisp, light and consistent during trigger press. Usually, the striker design has an advantage over the hammer-fired gun in a way that it is either partially or fully cocked when the slide comes back to the battery.

This is certainly an affordable gun for a concealed carry as it has the following qualities: Accuracy, comfortable, reliability, smooth, trigger design, and ergonomics. The round edges, light weight and safety features makes it one of the best pistols in the 9mm category.

Glock 26 Review

Often referred to as Baby Glock, the Glock 26 is perfect for concealed carry. This mini Glock is only six and half inches long and four inches tall, which makes it a light weight and simple pistol. Though Glock 26 looks small and allows only two fingers for grip, its magazine has the ability to carry 10 rounds of 9mm ammunition. Glock 26 is no less in its safety features utilizing two internal safeties and an external trigger safety.

The best features of this Glock pistol is its straight out of the box shooting, its safety system, its magazine which is compatible for both left handers and right handers and its alternate back straps for large hands. So if you are a lover of small, compact guns and want a trouble-free pistol, then this is the right one to fit into your pocket.

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