What Makes Tactical Knives The Best?

Tactical knives are extremely popular these days. Though they are categorized as a tool they can be used as weapon for self defense. They are extremely strong and durable. They also have a good grip which is extremely important to avoid injuries while doing heavy duty work. But just because something is branded as tactical does not make it the best choice to buy. Listed below are some desirable features:

1. There are knives of different sizes available in the market. They can range from the smallest amongst the small some just a few inches to larger ones. Size does not decide the efficiency since the major part depends on the efficiency of the blade. Still the average size of a preferred knife is around eight to nine inches. The size matters because it affects the portability. Also, only the correct size knife can be gripped comfortably in your hands. Hence it is important to always start looking for a knife with the average size.

2. One must choose one of the many designs that are available in the market. This might differ from person to person. But there are certain factors that you should remember while deciding on the design. Select the knife on which the design has utility purpose and not only appearance value. For example a jagged blade might impart more force when needed. Secondly the design should not be uncomfortable to handle.

3. Select knives that are made up of good quality steel. Since steel does not rust one can use knives for outdoor purposes without any fear. Though steel bodied knives are on a pricier side, it will last you for the longest time.

4. Before buying the knife always check by trying the knife in your hand. It should be comfortable for you. A knife might be comfortable to others but won’t necessarily be fit for you.

5. Choose a knife according to your purpose of use.

What are the best pocket knives? One of the best products of this type of knives is Zero Tolerance Knives. They are extremely strong, made up of carbon steel or as put by the makers- super steel. They have a unibody which means they are made up of a single material but are also foldable. They are extremely attractive and come with great features. Their blades are extra sharp and can slice through anything. They are also stronger than any other knives and can pack an impact. Besides ZT knives there are also some great performing knives in the market that are doing well. Some of them are:

The first one is the extremely famous Ka-Bar Becker BK2. It is a five inch blade with a weight of sixteen ounces. Though it looks like a regular foldable knife especially in the product pictures. It is substantially larger and heavier than other foldable knives. It is a good sturdy piece of forged metal that can be used for many hardcore jobs such as chopping wood, slicing through a rope, clearing a passage, and digging up for planting or for camping uses. It is made of carbon steel which imparts the dark metallic color to it. This definitely adds to the charm and also it does not rust easily. This makes it extremely useful for outdoor use. In conclusion this knife is a good option to buy if you are looking for a knife that accomplishes every task.

Similar to the above knife Gerber LMF 2 is another of the performing knives. It has all the qualities that are required in a knife used for survival. It is strong, resilient, light and compact for gripping. It is also great for utility purposes. The knife also comes with a protection sheath to avoid accidental damages.

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